Playlistor Shuffle - Amazing playlists curated by an artificial intelligent bot | Product Hunt Embed

What’s Playing?

Tune-in to an unprecedented music experience. Let our BOT dive into the your music collection and find those songs that make your heart sing and your soul dance

Unique Design

Playlistor Shuffle is design is user intuitive and minimalistic, in order to deliver seamless and  engaging user experience

Unveil those hidden gems

It time to dust off those beloved music albums who make the sound track of your life. Meet Playlistor Suffle, your new shiny personal music editor

Save and edit your playlists

You can save, edit and access your music playlists, any time, anywhere. No Wi-Fi needed, no monthly charge

Music Tech

Playlistor Shuffle is the first Music BOT that curates amazing playlists based on your unique acoustic preferences

A snapshot of your unique musical taste

Powered by innovative Artificial Intelligent technology, Playlistor Shuffle understand why you love certain songs

Enjoy your own music

We collect thousands of great songs during our life time, but we don’t the time nor the capacity to dig into this collection and convert it to compelling playlists. This is why we invented Playlistor


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